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npm install forge -g


Forge has a pretty specific use case: you'd like to automate the application of a set of transformations on a specific file.

If you're tired of writing the same [M|J|Sl|C]afiles over and over, juggling command line scripts, node.js scripts, or even dealing with the hassle of having a configuration file sitting in your file directory; then this program is for you.


  • No configuration or build files you have to check-in to source control
  • Simple command line interface
  • Easy to program your own custom transformers
  • Use existing transformers that work with browserify

Right tool for the job

If you need to automate all the things or love configuring then grunt is for you.

If you want something simple and powerful and don't mind programming some then write a fucking Makefile.


forge my_file.js transform1 transform2 transform3

Example, if you want to lint a file then mangle it:

forge my_file.js jshintify mangleify

Outputs to stdout

Pro-tip: you can include your forge command in the scripts section of your package.json file.

"scripts": {
  "prepublish": "forge foo.js mangleify > build/foo.min.js"

For more information see npm scripts

Included plug-ins

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