Node.js port of foreman + hot code reloading


Forewoman is a Node.js port of foreman, with the added feature of hot code reloading. With credits to node-supervisor for inspiring the hot code reloading implementation.

Export is not completed yet. It will be available from 0.2.x

Forewoman is extracted from the code base of Notifymode

Forewoman should work on Linux, Mac OS and other variants of Unix. Windows is not supported.

You can install locally

npm install forewoman

or globally

npm install -g forewoman

If you choose to install locally, you have to invoke the full path to the forewoman command.


If it is a global install, forewoman should be available from your PATH.

forewoman start [OPTION]

forewoman start is used to run your application directly from the command line.

If no additional parameters are passed, forewoman will run one instance of each type of process defined in your Procfile.

If a parameter is passed, forewoman will run one instance of the specified application type.

The following options control how the application is run:

Specify the number of each process type to run. The value passed in should be in the format process=num,process=num

Specify one or more .env files to load

Specify an alternate Procfile to load, implies -d at the Procfile root.

Specify which port to use as the base for this application. Should be a multiple of 1000.

Specify the files to watch. If the files are modified, forewoman will restart the process. The value passed in should be in the format process=/path/to/file,process=/path/to/file

Copyright (c) 2012 Wong Liang Zan. MIT License