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Cross environment BDD test framework


A functionally scoped BDD style test framework that runs everywhere.

  • Asyncronous test running
  • Out of the box support for multiple javascript host environments: node.js, major browsers, Adobe AIR, The Ruby Racer
  • BDD style test running
  • A simple API
var MyLib = foounit.require(':src/my_lib');

foounit.add(function (kw){ with(kw){
  describe('when something happens', function (){
    var myLib;
    before(function (){
      myLib = new MyLib();

    it('does something awesome', function (){
      expect(myLib.someFunc()).to(equal, 'foo');
  1. Create a directory to put your tests
  2. Drop in the example suite
  3. Start a web server
  4. Point your web browser at your server location
  1. TODO
  1. TODO
  • Firefox
    • Firefox 3.x - YES
    • Firefox 4.x - YES
  • Chrome - YES
  • Safari - YES
  • Internet Explorer
    • IE6 - YES
    • IE7 - YES
    • IE8 - YES
    • IE9 - ?
  • Node.js - YES
  • Rhino - NO
  • spidermonkey - ??
  • Adobe AIR - NO
  • The Ruby Racer - NO
  • Webkit Mobile - NO
  • Stack trace reporting in the browser doesn't really help that much.
  • XhrLoadingStrategy is not good enough. We lose stack trace info in the eval.
  • The UI for browser based running is not where I want it to be yet.


There's a lot of great unit testing frameworks for javascript these days. It's more important that people are testing their code than it is that people use foounit.

Some notable alternatives are:

  • jasmine (This is also a rewrite of Screw Unit)
  • shoulda.js (BDD with different syntax)
  • vows (BDD with different syntax)
  • logan (Cross environment unit testing)
  • mde - for providing good ideas
  • peterbraden - for identifying problems with foounit's first iteration
  • nathansobo - for rewriting Screw Unit while I was at Grockit which got me this far
  • Alex Russell and James Burke - for being a sounding board for synchronous loader ideas
  • jasmine for beating me to the punch :) and also providing a better API than I originally had