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A foolish front-end building script

Building is not fun, especially so many choices (gulp, webpack, systemjs, ...) to make a building system for you (or your team).

So I decide to jump out of this shit pit. Here is my solution.


  • Simpler is better.
  • Convention over configuration. (Actully, there is nothing you can change)

Should I use this?

This build script is for single page app. It just concat all project scripts to one, and compile a less style. No framework specified.


npm install -g foolish

How to use

  • Building project: foolish
  • Start a dev server: foolish server


Filename conventions

Any directory is a valid foolish project, even if it's empty. Some filename is special but not required:

  1. index.html: this is the landing page.
  2. main.js: this script will be at the top in combiled script.
  3. run.js: this script will be at the ned in combiled script.
  4. main.less: write your less style here.
  5. app.js: only use this in index.html, your project should not have this file, it's combined output script filename.
  6. app.css: only use this in index.html, your project should not have this file, it's compile style filename.

Here is a basic web page project which contains script and stylesheet:

  1. mkdir my-foolish-project && cd my-follish-project.
  2. echo '<link href="app.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>' > index.html.
  3. echo '<script src="app.js" type="text/javascript"></script>' >> index.html.
  4. touch main.js.
  5. touch main.less.

Development Server

Use command foolish server, a small http server will start listening on port 3000.

Look at the initialize step, I think you already realized there is no app.js or app.css. Those files are virtual, which generated by development server or building script.

app.js will load all your scripts, app.css is generated from main.less.

You can use --port parameter to change the server port.


Just run foolish under your project directory, then you will get a dist directory which contains what you want.

The building prosess is simple:

  1. Concat all .js files in your project directory (except node_modules) to dist/app.js. main.js will at head and run.js will be the last.
  2. Compile main.less to dist/app.css.
  3. Find assets which refrenced by index.html and dist/app.css, copy them to dist directory.

Other scripts


Q: How can I import 3rd-party modules?

A: Just create a <script> tag in index.html to reference a script file. The file location can be in internect (like CDN server) or just a local dependency in node_modules (npm install is welcome).

Q: Can I add some pre-process plugin like coffee or babel?

A: Sure but not in foolish. You can do this by shell command.


PR is welcome. I'll very happy if someone tell me some feature is useless and can be drop out.