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Fonty : A simple library/CLI tool for generating web fonts


  • Node >= 6.0


const fonty = require('fonty');

fonty( 'path/to/source.ttf', 'path/to/output', options );

If the path/to/output is a directory, it should end with a single forward slash(/).


  • base64: If true, the css option will automatically turn on and the css file will include base64-encoded web fonts.
  • css: If true, fonty will generate css file for the output web fonts.
  • glyph: A string contains the glyphs that the output fonts have. All glyphs are preserved by defalut.
  • optimize: If true, all empty glyphs except for space will be removed.
  • type: An array of output types. Default: ['ttf', 'eot', 'svg', 'woff', 'woff2'].

Note: if the glyph option contains a space, fonty will alias it as both new line and carrage return.


The fonty returns an array of promises and a promise represents each type. See the following code.

fonty( 'path/to/source.ttf', 'path/to/output', options ).map( promise => {
    promise.done( (type) => {
        console.log( `.${type} file has been converted.` );
    } );
} );

The above code write a console message whenever each file conversion completed.

CLI Tool

First, install the tool globally.

$ npm i -g fonty

And just use it:

$ fonty [options] path/to/source.ttf [path/to/output]

Let's say you have a big list of glyphs in glyphs.txt and want to generate eot and woff type webfonts from font.ttf. You can pass the glyph list to fonty like this:

$ GLYPHS=`cat glyphs.txt` fonty --glyph="$GLYPHS" --type="eot,woff" font.ttf

You will see more detail help if you just execute fonty in the command line.


This library is released under MIT license.


npm i fonty

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