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This module returns a list or map of font formats that are supported based on the data provided by the browserslist() function from the browserslist package.


$ yarn add fontslist


import { getFontFormatsList, getFontFormatsMap } from "fontslist";
import browserslist from "browserslist";

const browsersList = browserslist("ie 8, ie 11, chrome 108");

// [ 'ttf', 'woff', 'woff2', 'eot' ]

getFontFormatsList(browsersList, true);
// [ 'woff', 'eot' ]

//  Map(4) {
//    'ttf' => Set(1) { 'chrome 108' },
//    'woff' => Set(2) { 'chrome 108', 'ie 11' },
//    'woff2' => Set(1) { 'chrome 108' },
//    'eot' => Set(2) { 'ie 11', 'ie 8' }
//  }

getFontFormatsMap(browsersList, true);
//  Map(2) {
//    'woff' => Set(2) { 'chrome 108', 'ie 11' },
//    'eot' => Set(2) { 'ie 11', 'ie 8' }
//  }


getFontFormatsList(browsersList, minimize)

Returns an array of supported font formats.

  • browsersList: string[]: A list of browserslist data.
  • minimize: boolean: When set to true, omits font formats that are supported by a subset of browser versions of other font formats. This can be useful when injecting fonts using base64 to reduce the page size. The default value is false.

getFontFormatsMap(browsersList, minimize)

Returns a map of supported font formats, where each map element contains the set of browser versions it is needed for.

  • browsersList: string[]: Same as above.
  • minimize: boolean: Same as above.

How it works

The getFontFormatsMap and getFontFormatsList functions retrieve data from a predefined mapping.

This mapping is created for each font format and browser version using the caniuse-api package and is stored in the data.ts file using the generate function. This is done for performance reasons, as calling caniuse.isSupported on the fly is not efficient.

Although the generate function can be used periodically to update this module, it is not necessary for module to function properly, as all newer browser versions support woff2.

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