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Easily update your Fontello config with this nodejs package.


  1. Run fontello-update with an initial fontello config.
  2. Pick and remove fonts on the website and press the 'Save session' button.
  3. Run fontello-update to download the new config and font files.

Use together with grunt-fontello to automatically download the latest package.
Use together with grunt-fontello-update to run fontello update as a Grunt task.


var fontelloUpdate = require('fontello-update');
   config: 'fontello.json',
   fonts: 'public/font',
   css: 'public/css'


  • config - The config file to use. Default: 'config.json'.
  • overwrite - Overwrite existing config file. Default: true.
  • fonts - Font files' destination: Default: 'fonts'.
  • css - Stylesheets' destination: Default: 'css'.
  • open - Open the package on the fontello website and don't update the fonts at all. Default: false.
  • updateConfigOnly - Only update the config file (ie don't extract font and css files). Default: false.
  • session - The session to use. Default: null.

Return value

The fontello update function returns a promise. For example, to use it in an asynchronous Grunt task, you would do something like:

function fontelloUpdate()
    var done = this.async();
    var fontelloUpdate = require('fontello-update');
            config: 'fontello.json',
            dest: 'fontello.json'


Basically Fulfill task relying on promises.

var fontelloUpdate = require('fontello-update');
gulp.task('fontello', function() {
  return fontelloUpdate({
    config: 'fontello.json',
    fonts: 'public/font',
    css: 'public/css'