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FontBoosterFixer is a libary which tries convert font-sizes that were altered by android's font boosting back to their original size.

Still under development, needs more test cases/devices! Please raise an issue if you find a non working situation

Why is this fix needed?

Appearrently there is a bug in webkit that causes the fonts to render in the incorrect size. Mainly in webview components which are used by libraries like Cordova, the bug is very visible.

WebKit bug Stack overflow issue #1 Stack overflow issue #2

There is currently no good css fix that will work in all cases, therefor we created this javascript library which tries to correct all font-sizes.

What is still todo?

  • Test on more devices
  • Performance optimalizations (maybe using the user-agent to determine if the script has to be run?)
  • Expand readme on use cases

Credits and collaboration

FontBoosterFixer is maintained by Daan Sieben. Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to raise an issue or pull request.


npm i font-booster-fixer

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