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fnoverload - Function overloading for JavaScript

Build Status There are several libraries out there that can do function overloading, but none have had an innocent enough syntax for me. I hope that others will find my version easy to use.

Please remember that unlike true overloading, this is psuedo-overloading that is performed in runtime. I have not benchmarked it in any way

How to use:

var o = require('fnoverload');
// Simple argument-count overloading 
var func1 = o(
    function(var1) {
        console.log("Single var: " + var1);
    function(var1, var2) {
        console.log("Two vars: "  + var1 + "," + var2);
// More advanced, type-based overloading 
var func2 = o(
    // expects string 
    function(str) {
        console.log("String: " + str);
    // expect string and a number, both "o.function" and "o.f" works 
    o.f(String, Number, 
    function(str, num) {
        console.log("String is: " + str + ", num is: " + num);
// outputs: Single var: hi 
func1("hi", "hello");
// outputs: Two vars: hi,hello 
func2("hi mate", 3);
// outputs: String is: hi mate, num is: 3 

Both methods(simple and advanced) can be mixed in an var func = o(...) statement, but type-based functions will be chosen before argument-count