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Just write markdown, Flybook will create your book.

FlyBook is a simple utility to generate static website. This is inspired by funbook and next.js export functionality

Rewrited using by React and React DOM Server


Already we know that we can have a number of document tools to publish markdown docs. So flybook will keep in simplest way to generate static web site for writing the manual of project

How flybook works


  • Custom Styling (Google Fonts, Highlight.js)
  • Theme (only support light and dark now)
  • Responsive

How to use flybook

For example, Flybook documentation structure look like below

$ ls /path/to/project/docs
  | \
  | \
  | \
  | \


$ npm i -g flybook
$ cd /path/to/project

$ flybook docs
> FlyBook was generated at /Users/rhio/Works/my/fly-book/out

with NPM Project

$ cd /path/to/project
$ npm install flybook --save-dev
$ vi package.json

  "scripts": {
    "docs": "flybook docs --outdir=out"
// after save

$ npm run docs


Turn on the auto build mode after npm install

$ git clone
$ cd flybook
$ npm install
$ npm run build

After that you are able to see the notification with your code changes automatically

  • npm run release // build
  • npm run docs // generate a book with newest code