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Flux dispatcher with queued actions

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Implements the Flux dispatcher with queued actions.


The basic implementation prevents us from running dispatch() while dispatching. However, if dispatch() is triggered by, for example, an AJAX request, we can't guarantee it is not called during a dispatch.

To handle this situation all dispatch() calls are put into a queue and executed sequentially.


Set up the dispatcher module.

// @file /dispatcher.js 
import QueueDispatcher from 'flux-queue-dispatcher';
var dispatcher = new QueueDispatcher();
export default dispatcher;
export const dispatch = dispatcher.queueDispatch.bind(dispatcher);

Use it whenever actions are triggered.

// @file /comp1.js 
import React from 'react';
import {dispatch} from './dispatcher.js';
class Comp1 extends React.Component {
    _event() {
        // Make asynchornous dispatch 
        setTimeout(function() {
                type: 'action1'
        }, 100);
        // The time of the callback execution is unknown 
        $.get('/data', function(result) {
                type: 'action2',
                payload: result
    render() {
        return <a click={this._event}>Click me!</a>;
export default Comp1;

Read more about the Flux dispatcher.