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To use this repo clone it and install the dependencies.

npm install npm run build

You can run the test with npm. This uses a stubbed version of three.js. npm test

Extended Developer Setup

To setup gerrit for code review run

Update remotes

git remote rename origin bitbucket git remote add gerrit ssh://${USER}

Add Commit hook

curl > git rev-parse --git-dir/hooks/commit-msg chmod +x git rev-parse --git-dir/hooks/commit-msg

If you are working in Flux genie follow the instructions here:


You can run tests locally on any computer that has a graphics card and OpenGL drivers. For other headless systems like cloud machines or CI you will need to use npm run-headless which relies on xvfb-run. This can be installed on linux using apt-get. For more information see and apt-get these packages. - mesa-utils - xvfb - libgl1-mesa-dri - libglapi-mesa - libosmesa6