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Getting started

flutter-factory provides a few useful commands to help you create, configure or refactor a Flutter project.

This cli requires firebase-tools to be installed and authenticated with a Firebase account.

To install the cli tool globally run

$ npm i -g flutter-factory

Now you can run the cli like so:

  • $ flutter-factory [options] [command]
  • $ flf [options] [command]


Every command has an interactive mode as well as cli options.

There are also general options that can be used with every command:

  • -p --path <path> The Flutter project path
  • -h, --help display help for command
  • -V --version output the version number

Creating a new Flutter project

$ flf create [options] Create Flutter project from flutter-factory template.

This command clones the flutter-factory template repository and lets you configure the name, android package, ios bundle and firebase configuration through an interactive process.


  • -n --name <name> The name of the Android & IOS App
  • -fn --flutter-name <name> The name of the Flutter App (Dart package)
  • -ap --android-package <name> The Android package name
  • -ib --ios-bundle <name> The Ios bundle name

Other useful commands

$ flf rename [options] Rename Flutter project including Ios and Android app.


  • -n --name <name> The name of the Android & IOS App
  • -fn --flutter-name <name> The name of the Flutter App (Dart package)
  • -ap --android-package <name> The Android package name
  • -ib --ios-bundle <name> The Ios bundle name

$ flf auth [options] Configure Auth Settings for google_sign_in and flutter_facebook_login


  • -sg --skip-google Skip google auth configuration
  • -sf --skip-facebook Skip facebook auth configuration
  • -fi --facebook-id <id> Facebook Auth id
  • -fn --facebook-name <name> Facebook Auth name

$ flf firebase [options] Create Ios and Android Firebase app and download configuration files.


  • -f --firebase <name> The name of the Firebase project
  • -sa --skip-android Skip the Android app creation
  • -an --android-name <name> The name of the Android app in Firebase
  • -ap --android-package <name> The Android app package for Firebase
  • -si --skip-ios Skip the Ios app creation
  • -in --ios-name <name> The name of the Ios app in Firebase
  • -ib --ios-bundle <name> The Ios bundle identifier for Firebase
  • -ia --ios-appstore <name> The Ios Appstore Id for Firebase

$ flf help Display help for command


To get started developing this cli clone the development branch.

git clone https://https://github.com/innFactory/flutter-factory.git -b develop


To build your current development version use npm run build

To build and watch your current development version use npm run start

Globally link local development version

If you want to globally link your local development instance you first have to uninstall the release version with

$ npm rm -g flutter-factory

and then you can run the following command in the root directory of the cloned repository.

$ npm link

This gives you access to the "flf" and "flutter-factory" commands globally linked to your current build of the cli


Otherwise you can also run the cli from its folder with

$ ts-node src/index.ts [options] [command]


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