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Bored of silent pipelines? Want to hear when somethings working?

Meet flute.


Here's a screencast.


npm install flute -g

♬♩♩♬♩ flute ♬♩♬♩♩♬
Usage: flute [arg]

-t, --track    use specified track
-l, --library  use tracks from config ~/.flute.yml
-s, --seek     seek to hh:mm:ss (used with -t; requires mplayer)


Flute passed with no arguments plays a rubbish default flute sound. However, this can be changed to a list of tracks by specifying them in a config file with the following steps:-

  • Create a ~/.flute.yml file

  • Populate it with the absolute path of your files ('tracks:' at the top is important):-

        - ~/Music/Lana Del Rey/Born to Die/06 National Anthem.m4a
        - ~/Music/Compilations/Final Fantasy  VII/1-07 Hurry!.m4a
        - ~/Music/Compilations/Final Fantasy  VII/4-08 Hurry Faster!.m4a

Pass the -l argument to flute and it will pick one of these at random. Optionally, pass -t with an argument file location to play that certain track.


Inject flute into your pipeline wherever you would in place of cat:-

 pv -L 5k ~/Desktop/eI3s-dvZysU.flv | flute > /dev/null

 youtube-dl -o - | flute > harris.flv

 dd if=/dev/urandom | pv -L 10M | flute -l > /dev/null

 flute -t yeah.mp3 -s 1:40 | while true; do ( seq 0 100 | sort -R | spark | lolcat -a ); done;