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Fluent Reports

See: http://www.fluentreports.com for more information.

Fluent Reports - Data Driven PDF Reporting Engine for Node.js


npm install fluentreports


  • Completely Data Driven. You pass in the data; you tell it easily how to print the data, and it generates the PDF report.
  • Headers, Footers, Title Headers, Summary Footers
  • Grouping, nested grouping, and even more nested groupings...
  • Auto-Summing (and other automatic totals like max/min/count)
  • Sane defaults, and the ability to easily override not only the defaults but pretty much every aspect of the report generation.
  • Images, Gradients, Text, Fonts, Lines, and many other PDF features supported.
  • Page-able data loading
  • Sub-Reports, Sub-Sub-Reports, etc...
  • Bands (Tables/Grids) & Suppressed Bands (w/ column wrapping or column clipping)
  • Free Flow Text
  • Ability to override each part of the report for total customization of your report
  • Fluent API
  • Ability to put data over images; gradients, etc.
  • Quickly generate complex reports with minimal lines of code.
  • Colorization (& other cell changes) of text per cell in Bands

See the simple/stupid examples for a overview on how to generate a somewhat complex report.
In these reports I tried to throw in a chunk of the kitchen sink to try and give you and idea how powerful the engine is.

Currently has 5 example reports showing:

  • Simple Grid Report with Grouping
  • Simple Account Summary Report (w/ color & grid for account balances)
  • Simple Fax Cover Sheet (w/ image)
  • Grid Report showing off Sub-Reports with auto-queries
  • More complex invoice/proposal with grouping, headers, footers.