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    Funding and sponsorship


    You can now sponsor us on Github: https://github.com/sponsors/NathanaelA

    Website and demos

    See: https://www.fluentreports.com for more information.

    Fluent Reports - Data Driven PDF Reporting Engine for Node.js and Browsers

    Try out the reporting engine in your own browser at https://www.fluentreports.com/demo.html


    npm install fluentreports


    Please read the commands.md file for an overview of all the commands. The files in the docs/ folder are generated from the source code via jsdocs, so they might be more up to date.

    Please read the examples readme file for a list of examples.

    Please read the tutorial.md file for the tutorials.


    • New: JSON based reports
    • New: Report Generator
    • Testing Harness to verify reports look the same after any updates
    • Completely Data Driven. You pass in the data; you tell it easily how to print the data, and it generates the PDF report.
    • Data agnostic, can be arrays, and/or objects; whatever you prefer.
    • Headers, Footers, Title Headers, Summary Footers - Both built-in and totally customizable
    • Grouping, nested grouping, and yes even more nested groupings...
    • Auto-Summing (and other automatic totals like max/min/count)
    • Sane defaults, and the ability to easily override not only the defaults but pretty much every aspect of the report generation.
    • Images, Gradients, Text, Fonts, Lines, and many other PDF features supported.
    • Data can come from anywhere, and the report engine even support Pageable data loading and related(or sub-query) data loading.
    • Sub-Reports, Sub-Sub-Reports, etc...
    • Bands (Tables/Grids) & Suppressed Bands (w/ column wrapping or column clipping)
    • Free Flow Text
    • Ability to override each part of the report for total customization of your report
    • Fluent API
    • Ability to put data over images; gradients, etc.
    • Quickly generate complex reports with minimal lines of code.
    • Colorization, Font & other changes of text per cell in Bands
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous support. If your report doesn't need to do anything Async, you can just code it without any callbacks.
    • Group Headers can be (re)printed on every new page, always, and only once.
    • Page Numbers and total number of pages
    • Text rotation
    • Cancelling of report

    See the simple & stupid examples for a overview on how to generate a somewhat complex report. In these reports I tried to throw in a chunk of the features to try and give you and idea how powerful the engine is and how to use certain features.


    Currently, we ship multiple examples.

    Simple Sample Report

    This following report is using the a few of the simplest report methods. We can show you how quickly you can create a simple report.
    You have the ability to EASILY FULLY override any and all of the Headers, Footers, and Detail bands (and much more).

    Really Simple Report:

      // Our Simple Data in Object format:
      const data = [{name: 'Elijah', age: 18}, {name: 'Abraham', age: 22}, {name: 'Gavin', age: 28}];
      // Create a Report  
      const rpt = new Report("Report.pdf")        
            .pageHeader( ["Employee Ages"] )      // Add a simple (optional) page Header...        
            .data( data )	 			 	      // Add some Data (This is required)
    		.detail( [['name', 200],['age', 50]]) // Layout the report in a Grid of 200px & 50px
            .render();  				          // Render the Report (required if you want output...)

    One other sample report using a list type output:

          const data = [
               {item: 'Bread', count: 5, unit: 'loaf'},
               {item: 'Egg', count: 3, unit: 'dozen'},
               {item: 'Sugar', count: 32, unit: 'gram'},
               {item: 'Carrot', count: 2, unit: 'kilo'},
               {item: 'Apple', count: 3, unit: 'kilo'},
               {item: 'Peanut Butter', count: 1, unit: 'jar'}
          const rpt = new Report("grocery1.pdf")      
              .data( data )									 // Add our Data
              .pageHeader( ["My Grocery List"] )    		 // Add a simple header          
              .detail("{{count}} {{unit}} of {{item}}")      // Put how we want to print out the data line.
              .render(); 							         // Render the Report (required if you want output...)

    GUI & Browser Implementations

    See the generator documentation


    npm i fluentreports

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