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FluentJS is a tiny Flux implementation we’re using in our site It has some good features:

  • Very tiny - less than 100 lines of code.
  • ES2015 class-based.
  • Can be used at server-side rendering. (For example, all pages can be rendered at server side by appending a ?ssr=1 query parameter.)
  • Makes your code very terse. No more repetitive emitChange, add/removeChangeListener, ActionTypes constants, etc.
  • As close to Facebook Flux pattern and as few magic as possible.
  • Can be used with Facebook Flow type checker effectively. (For example, if you call an action creator or store method with wrong argument types, the Flow type checker will complain.)

If you already know Flux, a quick way to glimpse FluentJS is by looking at our fluent-chat example modified from the Facebook flux-chat code. This commit shows the code changes. As you can see, lots of repetitive code were removed.


To install FluentJS, type:

npm install --save fluent-js


See this page (English) or this page (中文).