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fluent-intl-polyfill is a polyfill for some of the Stage 3+ proposals to the ECMA 402 standard required by the fluent package. Project Fluent is a localization framework designed to unleash the expressive power of the natural language.

Currenly the polyfill provides implementations for the following proposals:


fluent-intl-polyfill can be used both on the client-side and the server-side. You can install it from the npm registry or use it as a standalone script.

npm install fluent-intl-polyfill

How to use

Simply import or require the package somewhere in your code.

import 'fluent-intl-polyfill';
// Intl.PluralRules is now available. 

Learn more

Find out more about Project Fluent at, including documentation of the Fluent file format (FTL), links to other packages and implementations, and information about how to get involved.