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Flowbite Typography - automatically apply styles for inline elements using a single class name

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Disclaimer: this plugin is a fork from the official Tailwind CSS Typography Plugin with different styles and settings


For full documentation, visit flowbite.com.

Getting started

Flowbite Typography can be included as a plugin into an existing Tailwind CSS project and it is supposed to help you build websites faster by having a set of web components to work with built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS.

Require via NPM

Make sure that you have Node.js and Tailwind CSS installed.

  1. Install the Flowbite Typography plugin via NPM:
npm install -D flowbite-typography
  1. Require Flowbite Typography as a plugin inside the tailwind.config.js file:
module.exports = {

    plugins: [


Basic usage

Use the format class to apply the typography classes to all inline elements:

<article class="format lg:format-lg">
  <h1>Garlic bread with cheese: What the science tells us</h1>
    For years parents have espoused the health benefits of eating garlic bread with cheese to their
    children, with the food earning such an iconic status in our culture that kids will often dress
    up as warm, cheesy loaf for Halloween.
    But a recent study shows that the celebrated appetizer may be linked to a series of rabies cases
    springing up around the country.
  <!-- ... -->


If you need help or just want to discuss about the library join the community on Github:

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For casual chatting with others using the library:

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If you need the Figma files for the components you can check out our website for more information:

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Check out Flowbite Blocks to get access to over 140+ website sections coded in Tailwind CSS and Flowbite:

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Pro version

Get access to all premium features including the Figma design system, access to all Flowbite Block sections and a dashboard UI interface:

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Copyright and license

The Flowbite name and logos are trademarks of Crafty Dwarf Inc.

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