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Flow5 requires

  • nodejs >= v0.6.15
  • npm >= v1.0

To install the flow5 sdk:

Quit Xcode if running

$ sudo npm install --global flow5


$ git clone git:// $ sudo npm install --global sdk

To install the flow5 site/tutorial package:

$ git clone git://

To link a package to the flow5 development server:

$ f5 link package-name path-to-package


$ cd site $ f5 link site .

To start the flow5 development server:

$ f5 start

Then to view the package in a browser:




To view the flow5 source:

$ npm explore --global flow5 $ open .

To create a native application:

$ npm explore --global flow5 $ cp -r ios/f5template path-to-your-project

To uninstall flow5

$ npm uninstall --global flow5

In Xcode Preferences:Locations:SourceTrees remove the FLOW5 entry