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Run tap on files with flow types.

Allows you to run tap on files with flow static types annotations. This module makes use of flow-remove-types which is lighter weight and faster than babel-node.


npm install flow-tap --save-dev

In your package.json file: "scripts": { "test": "flow-tap test/**/*.js" } Then you can run npm run test.


'use strict';
const tap = require('tap');
function numToString(num:number):string{
    return num.toString();
tap.equal(numToString(3), "3");

Use both tap and flow the way you usually do. If your tests don't use static types, but your modules do, I suggest using //@flow at the top of your test anyways. This will catch any improper usage of your modules and obviate the need to test unexpected arguments. NOTE: This won't check types, only remove them so tests work as expected. Continue using flow to check your types.

I wrote a blog post about the creation of flow-tap.