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Flourite - Language detector

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A fork of ts95/lang-detector, rewritten in Typescript with more language support.

Detects a programming language from a given string.

  • Built-in support for CommonJS and ESM format
  • Built-in Typescript typings
  • No external dependencies
  • 200 test cases and growing!

Detectable languages

C Dockerfile Javascript Pascal SQL
C++ Elixir Julia PHP YAML
C# Go Kotlin Python
Clojure HTML Lua Ruby
CSS Java Markdown Rust


$ npm install flourite

or via a CDN (unpkg or jsdelivr)

<script src="https://unpkg.com/flourite@1.2.1"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/flourite@1.2.1/dist/index.iife.js"></script>


import flourite from 'flourite';

const code = flourite('cout << "Hello world" << endl;');

// {
//   language: 'C++',
//   statistics: {
//     C: 0,
//     Clojure: 0,
//     'C++': 5,
//     CSS: 0,
//     'C#': 0,
//     Dockerfile: 0,
//     Elixir: 0,
//     Go: 0,
//     HTML: 0,
//     Java: 0,
//     Javascript: 0,
//     Julia: 2,
//     Kotlin: 0,
//     Lua: 2,
//     Markdown: 0,
//     Pascal: 0,
//     PHP: 0,
//     Python: 0,
//     Ruby: 0,
//     Rust: 0,
//     SQL: 0,
//     Unknown: 1,
//     YAML: 0,
//   },
//   linesOfCode: 1
// }

Or if you want to integrate it with Shiki, you could pass:

flourite('Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");', { shiki: true }).language;
// => csharp
flourite('fn partition<T,F>(v: &mut [T], f: &F) -> usize ', { shiki: true }).language;
// => rust

If you want to handle Unknown value, you could pass:

const code = flourite("SELECT 'Hello world!' text FROM dual;", { noUnknown: true });

With Typescript

import flourite from 'flourite';
import type { Options } from 'flourite';

const flouriteOptions: Options = {
  heuristic: true,

const code = flourite('print!({:?}, &v);', flouriteOptions);

Available Options

Key Type Default Description
heuristic boolean true Checks for codes on the top of the given input. Only checks when the lines of code is above 500.
shiki boolean false Straightforward compatibility with Shiki's language specification type
noUnknown boolean false If true, will not output Unknown on detected and statistics result

I'm here for Hacktoberfest, what can I do?

If you're new to open source, we really recommend reading a few articles about contributing to open source projects:

Then you can start by reading our contribution part and guidelines.

Two things that you can do for sure: Create a new language support and improve the regular expression performance on current supported languages.

Have fun!


  • Use the Node.js version as defined on the .nvmrc file.
  • Run npm run test:tdd to initiate a test driven development environment.
  • Run npm run lint and npm run format before commit a change.

For more details and explanation on how things work, see CONTRIBUTING



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