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A headless Floobits workspace and disk watcher. Handy for shipping changes to a testing server.

NPM version


  1. npm install floomatic

  2. Go to your Floobits user settings.

  3. Copy your ~/.floorc from that page. Save it locally to ~/.floorc.

Now you're all set!


Share a directory

floomatic --share /path/to/share

Join a workspace

floomatic --join

If you don't want to ship local changes to the Floobits server, use --read-only

floomatic --read-only --join


floomatic reads hooks from .floo in the base path of the shared directory. The format of .floo is:

    "url": "",
    "hooks": {
        "**": "/etc/init.d/apache restart",
        "static/less/**": "less static/less/*"

The hooks in this example will restart apache whenever any file in the workspace gets changed, and will regenerate css from less whenever less files change. Patterns are matched by minimatch.