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Function literal runner

A small Node app to run function literals, largely compatible with AWS Lambda + web gateway.

Use it for testing, or use it on your own server.

Do not allow untrusted code to run on your infrastructure. These are not sandboxed in any way.


These are really just Node modules with a standardised API. A literal consists of a folder, a package.json and an export.

Sample literal to echo response back to sender:

module.exports = {
  handler: (event, context, callback) => {
    callback(null, {
      statusCode: '200',
      headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json'},
      body: JSON.stringify(event),


Run on the command line as follows:

LITERAL_PATH=foo fliteral

This will open the default HTTP port (see below), and any requests to http://myserver/* will run & return the literal named *.

Environment Variables

The following variables may be configured:

Variable name Description Default
PORT HTTP port to open 8080
LITERAL_PATH Path which contains function literals. path.join(__dirname, functions)
LITERAL_TIMEOUT Number of milliseconds after which the server will send a 502 gateway timeout. 15000
LITERAL_LOGGLY_TOKEN Optional: Loggly token to remote log
LITERAL_LOGGLY_SUBDOMAIN Optional: Loggly subdomain to remote log
LITERAL_LOGGLY_TAG Optional: Tag to log entries to loggly