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binding for flite, a tiny text-to-speech synthesizer


$ npm install flite

also requires flite 1.4.x(www) and either aplay(www) or afplay (default on OS X) to be installed and in your $PATH.

Flite is super tiny and fast and works great on ARM (eg, robots!), and has a variety of voices available (which are compiled into the binary - you probably want to build it yourself).


var flite = require('flite')

var message = "you know what we need? some more waffles!"

flite(function (err, speech) {
  speech.say(message, function (err) {
    if (err) console.error('I\'m afraid I can\'t do that, Dave', err);


var flite = require('flite')
flite([config], callback)
  • config object (optional)
  • callback: function (err, speech) - initializes and returns a speech object

config is an object with any of the following keys

  • voice: string - the name of a voice
  • ssml: boolean - treat input as ssml

speech.voices // array

array of valid voice names to use with the voice configuration setting.


set configuration settings for this instance of speech

speech.say(text, [fileout], callback)

speak the given input string text. if fileout is specified, the wavefile will be writen to that file and not to the speakers. if fileout is omitted, the wavefile will be played immediately. callback is invoked after the wavefile is written or the sound is done playing.


MIT. (c) 2012 jden - Jason Denizac