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Dependency Status unstable

This is a readable stream in objectMode that will provide flight information near your area matching certain conditions. By default it looks for A380s near Heathrow airport.


The library exposes only a readable stream that you may use however you like. The helper file irc.js uses it to pipe the information to an IRC channel via irc-stream.

Here is a simple way to just dump all matching planes spotted to console:

var config = {
  location: {
    latitude: 51.5083818,
    longitude: -0.5596166
  maxDistance: 5*1000
var PlaneStream = require('plane-stream');
new PlaneStream(config).on('data', function (plane) {
  console.log("%j", plane);


For the config object, the only thing you need to set is your location. But additionally you can set:

  • aircraft if want to filter by a single aircraft using ICAO codes
  • maxDistance the size of the bounding box to search for planes in meters
  • maxAltitude of a plane in feet
  • clockShift if you would not want to use relative north for direction output
  • throttleInterval in seconds if you feel you get too many updates


MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.