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FlexOffers - A Fully Typed Wrapper For Monetizing With Affiliate

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Looking for a lightweight wrapper for the FlexOffers API? Here it is! Flexoffers is a great platform for monetizing huge amounts of B2C traffic but as developers, we missing the DX to build these products quickly. I built this out of neccessity so I could ship and monetize products faster, and now I'm sharing so we can all make building affiliate products waaay easier.

Use this wrapper to monetize your traffic and build out products that help make life easier for everyone.

Useful Links

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Use npm to install the package:

npm install flexoffers


Firstly, you need to import the module and init with your API key.

import flexoffers from 'flexoffers'


TODO: Here are examples of how to use each function in the FlexOffers API:


Returns a full list of products available from flexoffers product feed.

const getProducts = async () => {
  const products = await flexoffers.products.getFullProducts({
    manufacturer: "vans",
    page: 1,
    pageSize: 20,
  return products;


A one liner function that takes a URL and spits out a monetized link 🔥

  const affiliateLink = await flexoffers.helpers.createAffiliateLinkFromUrl(`https://www.vans.com/en-us/shoes-c00081`, { fobs: 'clickId_1', fobs2: 'clickId_2', fobs3: 'clickId_3', fobs4: 'clickId_4', fobs5: 'clickId_5'});
Function Description
getDomains Retrieves the domains registered in the FlexOffers account.
getAdvertiserTerms Fetches the terms of the advertisers available on the platform.
applyToAdvertiser Allows the client to apply to an advertiser in FlexOffers.
getAdvertisers Fetches a list of advertisers that match given parameters.
createDeepLink Generates a deep link to a specific URL in an advertiser's website.
createAffiliateLinkFromUrl A powerful helper that takes a url string and returns a monetizable link.
getCategories Fetches all categories available in the FlexOffers platform.
getProductCount Retrieves the number of products available based on provided parameters.
getProducts Fetches a list of products with minimal information (product id, name, brand).
getFullProducts Fetches a list of products with full information.
getCoupons Fetches a list of available coupons for an advertiser's products.
getPromotionalLinks Retrieves promotional links available for products from an advertiser.
getPromotionsCurated Fetches a curated list of promotions available on the platform.
getProduct Retrieves a full description of a product based on provided parameters.
getPromotionTypes Fetches all promotion types available in the FlexOffers platform.
getProductFeeds Retrieves download links for all the subscribed feeds.
getPromotionTypesCountByAdvertiserId Fetches count of promotion types available for a particular advertiser id.
getBannerTypes Fetches available banner types for products from advertisers.
getSales Fetches a list of sales completed over the specified date range.
getPaymentSummary Retrieves payment summary information of all invoices paid to the entire account.
getPaymentDetails Fetches detailed payment information by searching with the PaymentId.
getCampaigns Retrieves a list of all available campaigns.
getFeaturedAdvertisers Fetches a list of featured advertisers on the platform.
getNewestAdvertisers Fetches a list of the newest advertisers on the platform.
getProductAdvertisers Retrieves a list of advertisers for a specific product.
getProductAdvertisers Retrieves a list of advertisers for a specific product.


Contributions are welcome! Please read the contributing guide to get started.


This package is open source and available under the MIT License

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