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A more advanced fleet-stop command line tool that supports regular expressions. Fleet by Substack is an excellent for managing deployment. However stopping running processes can be a bit tedious. The fleet-stopregex module provides a command-line tool to stop drone process command and commit in addition to the standard fleet-stop pid#foo command. You can pass a regular expression as the last parameter. Any drones which match this regular expression will be stopped.


npm install -g fleet-stopregex


fleet-stopregex --field [command, commit, pid] <regex> <regex flags>

The script matches the regular expression against the specified all field for every spawned process. For any process which matches, that process is then killed. You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm killing the processes before they are killed

If field is omitted then pid will be used as the default.

Note that --field is aliased to -f, therefore fleet-stopregex --field command = fleet-stopregex -f command

To automatically stop all matching process without confirmation, pass the -y or --yes flag as a parameter

fleet-stopregex --yes --field commit fbdcfba04752fe6f42be6e49461b8d2dec63c31e


Stop PID Same as vanilla fleet-stop. However fleet-stopregex will retry the stop command until it succeeds

fleet-stopregex pid#b0a13c

By Git Commit Stop all processes which have an exact commit

fleet-stopregex --field commit fbdcfba04752fe6f42be6e49461b8d2dec63c31e

Regex Flags Flags can be passed as optional last parameter. This flags are the same as you would pass to new RegExp(pattern, flags).

# stop processes with name both foo or Foo
fleet-stopregex --field command foo i

Stop everything Pass a "." as the regex which will match everything

fleet-stopregex .

Note that * will not work as regex string unless it is quoted as "*"

# Good
fleet-stopregex "*"
# Bad
fleet-stopregex *


This module came out of the managing redeploy issue