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Encapsulated routes and resources for managing users in flatiron HTTP apps


  • "list all users"
  • "modify permissions"
  • "confirm users"


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl | sh

Installing flatiron-http-users

  $ [sudo] npm install flatiron-http-users

Run Tests

Tests are written in vows and give complete coverage of all APIs and storage engines. If the admin party for CouchDB is set, the AUTH environment variable can be used to pass custom credentials, in the form of user:pwd.

  $ npm test                  # OR run
  $ AUTH=user:pwd npm test


  • Make memory engine work ( ./fixtures/app/memory.js)
  • Add support for Redis and MongoDB ( ./fixtures/app/mongodb.js) ( ./fixtures/app/redis.js)

Author: Charlie Robbins

License: MIT