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Encapsulated logic for showing ok in flatiron CLI apps


Encapsulated logic for showing command status in flatiron CLI apps

npm install flatiron-cli-ok

At its core flatiron-cli-ok is a broadway-compatible plugin which can be used by any flatiron cli application

var flatiron = require('flatiron')
  , app =; = 'app.js';
app.use(flatiron.plugins.cli, {
  usage: 'A simple CLI app using flatiron-cli-ok'

If you run the above script

➤ node app.js

The output will start with

info:   Welcome to app.js
info:   It worked if it ends with app.js ok

The output will end with

  • If the command executed successfully
info:   app.js ok
  • If the command executed unsuccessfully
info:   app.js not ok

You have to call the callback in the command, if you want this plugin to show the status

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