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Flates is simple functional templating in javascript.

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f(tag[, attributes, innerHTML...]) || f.tag([attributes, innerhtml])

Each function takes an optional attribute object which is just the { key: 'value' } representation of key="value" pairs you want as attributes, and the contents of the element, and returns a string of html. This can be used server side to build the whole, or parts of the html to respond to a request with, or client side to append or set the inner html of a DOM element to.

var f = Flates()
f.div({ id: 'foo' }, f.p('This Works? ' + f.strong('Weeeeeeeeeeee')))
// <div id="foo"><p>This Works? <strong>Weeeeeeeeeeee</strong></p></div> 

Or you can do more complicated stuff, like recursively building html from an object.

function build (obj) {
  if (!obj) return obj
  else if (Array.isArray(obj)) return f.ul(
  else if (typeof obj === 'object') {
    return f.dl(Object.keys(obj).map( function(key) {
      return f.dt(key) + f.dd(build(obj[key]))
  } else return obj

You'll notice arrays are turned into strings internally using .join(''), stringify them beforehand if you want them joined another way.

Inspired by Christian Johansen - Pure, functional JavaScript.

License: MIT