Interact with pm2 via RPC and receive real time notifications

pm2-interface (for pm2 version >= 0.6.0)

pm2-interface permits you to interact with PM2 the process manager for NodeJS.

You can control all exposed methods by the pm2 deamon God and also receive real time notifications for example for a process who got an unexpectedException, who's starting/stopping.

  • ipm2.rpc.prepare(json, fn) send a JSON configuration to start app(s)
  • ipm2.rpc.getMonitorData({}, fn) receive all related informations about supervised process (cpu/ram/pid...)
  • ipm2.rpc.startProcessId(integer, fn) start a process by id (pm_id) who his state is stopped
  • ipm2.rpc.stopProcessId(integer, fn) stop a process by id (pm_id)
  • ipm2.rpc.stopAll({}, fn) stop all process
  • ipm2.rpc.reload(data, fn) reload all apps (only for networked apps)
  • ipm2.rpc.killMe(data, fn) kill pm2 daemon
  • ipm2.rpc.findByScript(string, fn) send you back the informations about a specific process
  • ipm2.rpc.restartProcessId(integer, fn) restart a process by id (pm_id)
  • ipm2.rpc.restartProcessName(string, fn) restart all processes who have the given name
  • ipm2.rpc.deleteProcess(string, fn) stop and delete all processes from the pm2 database
  • ipm2.rpc.deleteAll(data, fn) stop and delete all processes
  • process:online when a process is started/restarted
  • process:exit when a process is exited
  • process:exception When a process has received an uncaughtException

Advanced feature : You can use process.emit({ type : 'my:message', data : {}}) in your Node apps. When you emit a message, they will be redirected to pm2 ans send back to the pm2-interface bus.

var ipm2 = require('pm2-interface')();
ipm2.on('ready', function() {
  console.log('Connected to pm2');
  ipm2.bus.on('*', function(eventdata){    
    console.log(event, data.pm2_env.name);
  setTimeout(function() {
    ipm2.rpc.restartProcessId(0, function(errdt) {
  }, 2000);
  ipm2.rpc.getMonitorData({}, function(errdt) {
  • Catching exceptions and fowarding them by mail
  • A web interface to control PM2