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    🔥 flamebird 🔥

    the nodejs task manager for Procfile-based or npm-based applications

    🚀 Installation

    $ npm install -g flamebird

    📄 Usage

    To start Flamebird you can use fb [command] [options] (or longer alias flamebird [command] [options]).
    Application provides two commands: fb start and fb web (read below).

    Need help? Use command:

    $ fb --help
    # or simply
    $ fb

    💻 Console version (fb start)

    $ fb start [options]

    Run tasks from Procfile or package.json


    • -p, --package - using package.json for the managing tasks. (⚠️ with this option the command start run all tasks from package.json, for resolving it , please use option -t)
    • -t, --tasks [tasks] - list of tasks which needs to async run in fb start ( example : fb start --tasks start,start:dev,start-server and then tasks are start,start:dev,start-server will have been runned asynchronously )

    💻 Web version (fb web)

    $ fb web [options]

    Launch web-application which is task-manager. That command has more abilities than start. Web-application is reading Procfile and package.json and adding ability to launch scripts inside this files together


    • -t, --tasks [tasks] - list of tasks which will be managing in the fb web command ( example : fb web --tasks start,start:dev,start-server and this tasks will be showing in the web-application start,start:dev,start-server )
    • -p, --port <PORT> - sets the server port, by default 5050
    • -n, --name <NAME> - sets the project name. Display name of the project in title and header. By default using name of project inside package.json otherwise flamebird


    hotkeys works only if hotkeys button is triggered.

    hotkey action
    Q,W,E...M,<,>,/ Open task which assigned to specific key. example
    SHIFT + R Run/Stop selected task.
    TAB Switch between Procfile and package.json tabs
    DEL Clear logs in selected task
    Partially scroll up logs in selected task
    Partially scroll down logs in selected task
    SHIFT + ↑ Fully scroll up logs in selected task
    SHIFT + ↓ Fully scroll down logs in selected task
    SHIFT + A Run all tasks
    SHIFT + S Stop all tasks

    📝 License

    Licensed under the MIT License.


    npm i flamebird

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