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    Fjord is a real-time API proxy for Kafka.

    Use the Fjord cli tool to deploy the Fjord framework and manage your AWS infrastructure.


    $ npm install -g fjord_cli
    $ fjord COMMAND
    running command...

    Getting Started



    • run npm install -g fjord_cli (to install our npm package)
    • type fjord help to see the commands available to use

    First Time Usage

    The fjord command is run by inputting commands after the initial fjord like: fjord <command> <optional argument>.

    • cd to the folder in which you would like to setup your Fjord directory
    • run fjord setup <APPNAME>
    • update the FjordSettings.json file with server and consumer groups information


    Run fjord deploy <STACKNAME> to deploy a specific stack, or simply fjord deploy to deploy the entire stack

    Tear Down

    To tear down Fjord infrastructure from AWS, run fjord destroy <STACKNAME> to tear down a specific stack, or simply fjord destroy to tear down the entire stack

    To uninstall / remove the Fjord cli tool, run npm uninstall -g fjord_cli.


    I quit the fjord deploy command while it was in the middle of deploying infrastructure. Is there a way to tear down my infrastructure?

    • To remove this infrastructure (that AWS will continue to set up even if you interrupt the Fjord cli command, visit the AWS console, navigate to the CloudFormation section and you can delete the individual stack and then the fjord-shared stack. Note that AWS will not allow you to delete fjord-shared stack before the other services are deleted because there are dependencies.

    What infrastructure does Fjord spin up on my behalf?

    • The main infrastructure we spin are as follows:
      • an Elasticache / Redis cluster
      • an ECS cluster managed by the Fargate service for running the server container and consumer groups container


    fjord setup

    Sets up cdk.json file and creates the FjordSettings.json template for customization.

      $ fjord setup <optional: APPNAME>
      APPNAME  Name for ECS cluster
      You must customize the FjordSettings.json before deploying:
        (Key and value must be strings)
        name: APPNAME
          - NAME: name of API server
          - JWT_KEY: (automatically generated, optional) JSON web token for a Fjord application
          - API_TOPICS: space-delimited list of API topics made available to web clients
          - SEC_PER_PULSE: (default: "30") heartbeat pulsed to connected clients to maintain SSE connection
        consumerGroups: (You may have may more than one consumer group within the array)
          - NAME: name of consumer group
          - KAFKA_TOPICS: space-delimited list of Kafka topics to subscribe to
          - API_TOPICS: space-delimited list of API topics. 1+ Kafka topics can map to a API topic; repeat API topic name to align with Kafka topic name
          - FROM_BEGINNINGS: space-delimited list of boolean values per Kafka topic
          - BROKERS: space-delimited list of broker addresses
          - SECURITY: (optional) "SASL-plain" | "none"
          - KAFKA_USERNAME: (optional) username for SASL-plain security option
          - KAFKA_PASSWORD: (optional) password for SASL-plain security option
          - MEMBERS_COUNT: (default: "1")
          - CONCURRENT_PARTITIONS: (default: "1")
          - STARTING_DELAY_SEC: (default: "0")

    See code: src/commands/setup.js

    fjord deploy

    Deploys the entire stack to AWS.

      $ fjord deploy
      Once the entire stack has been deployed, you will find an outputs.json file in the project's directory, containing outputs including the NAT gateway IPs and the load balancer URL.

    See code: src/commands/deploy.js

    fjord destroy

    Tears down the entire Fjord infrastrcuture from AWS.

      $ fjord destroy <optional: STACKNAME>
      STACKNAME  Name of stack you would like to destroy
      This command takes an optional argument: STACKNAME
      If STACKNAME is supplied, the specified stack will be destroyed
      If no argument is supplied, the entire stack will be destroyed

    See code: src/commands/destroy.js

    fjord endpoints

    Prints NAT gateway and load balancer addresses to terminal.

      $ fjord endpoints
      This command prints the following:
      - NAT Gateway IPs
        - You must whitelist these IP addresses on your Kafka broker firewall
      - Load Balancer URL
        - URL for client side application to receive Fjord stream via SSE

    See code: src/commands/endpoints.js

    fjord help

    Displays available Fjord commands

      $ fjord help

    See code: src/commands/help.js


    npm i fjord_cli

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