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    Functional Javascript Library (inspired by Haskell's Prelude).

    Sections in Readme:


    • Javascript Ecmascript 5+.

    Supported Platforms:


    • IE9+, and all other modern day browsers.


    • 8+

    Getting Started:

    Note on typescript:

    If you are using typescript, and want to manually include fjl's types file, it is located at 'fjl/types/index.d.ts'.

    In Browser:

    See desired export type below:

    • './dist/amd/' - Asynchronous module format.
    • './dist/cjs/' - CommonJs module format.
    • './dist/umd/' - Universal module definition format.
    • './dist/iife/' - Immediately Invoked Function Execution - (exports fjl as a global).
    • './dist/es6-module/' - Ecmascript 6 module format.

    Note: The './dist/package/fjl*' files are for the new setup in ecma262 proposals for es6 modules ('.mjs' for es6 module and '.js' for common-js module) (these are used in package.json as the default exports).

    In NodeJs:

    Using es2015 modules:

    import {...} from 'fjl';

    Using CommonJs modules:

    const fjl = require('fjl');


    JSDocs []

    Note: Docs are divided by internal module names though, note, all methods live on top level fjl export.

    Library methods:

    list methods

    all, and, any, append, at, breakOnList, complement, concat, concatMap,
    cycle, difference, drop, dropWhile, dropWhileEnd, elem, elemIndex,
    elemIndices, filter, find, findIndex, findIndices, foldl, foldl1, foldr,
    foldr1, forEach, group, groupBy, head, includes, indexOf, init, inits,
    insert, insertBy, intercalate, intersect, intersectBy, intersperse,
    isInfixOf, isPrefixOf, isSubsequenceOf, isSuffixOf, iterate, last,
    lastIndexOf, map, mapAccumL, mapAccumR, maximum, minimum, not, notElem,
    nub, nubBy, or, partition, permutations, product, push, remove,
    removeBy, removeFirstsBy, repeat, replicate, reverse, scanl, scanl1,
    scanr, scanr1, slice, sort, sortBy, sortOn, span, splitAt, stripPrefix,
    subsequences, sum, swapped, tail, tails, take, takeWhile, transpose,
    uncons, unconsr, unfoldr, union, unionBy, unzip, unzipN, zip, zip3,
    zip4, zip5, zipN, zipWith, zipWith3, zipWith4, zipWith5, zipWithN,
    findIndexWhere, findIndexWhereRight, findIndicesWhere, findWhere,
    genericAscOrdering, lastIndex, lengths, reduce, reduceRight,
    reduceUntil, reduceUntilRight, sliceCopy, sliceFrom, sliceTo,
    toShortest, aggregateArray, range

    listUtils methods

    findIndexWhere, findIndexWhereRight, findIndicesWhere, findWhere,
    genericAscOrdering, lastIndex, lengths, reduce, reduceRight,
    reduceUntil, reduceUntilRight, sliceCopy, sliceFrom, sliceTo,
    toShortest, aggregateArray

    object methods

    assign, hasOwnProperty, instanceOf, keys, length, native, lookup,
    typeOf, copy, instanceOfOne, isArray, isBoolean, isCallable, isClass,
    isEmpty, isEmptyCollection, isEmptyList, isEmptyObject, isFunction,
    isFunctor, isLoosely, isLooselyOneOf, isMap, isNull, isNumber, isObject,
    isOfType, isOneOf, isSet, isStrictly, isStrictlyOneOf, isString,
    isSymbol, isType, isUndefined, isUsableImmutablePrimitive, isWeakMap,
    isWeakSet, isset, toTypeRef, toTypeRefName, toTypeRefNames, toTypeRefs,
    of, searchObj, createTypedDescriptor, defineEnumProp, defineEnumProps,
    defineProp, defineProps, toEnumerableDescriptor,
    toTargetDescriptorTuple, assignDeep, objComplement, objDifference,
    objIntersect, objUnion, error, log, peek, warn, jsonClone, toArray,
    fromAssocList, fromAssocListDeep, toAssocList, toAssocListDeep

    boolean methods

    alwaysFalse, alwaysTrue, equal, equalAll, isFalsy, isTruthy

    errorThrowing methods

    defaultErrorMessageCall, errorIfNotType, errorIfNotTypes,
    getErrorIfNotTypeThrower, getErrorIfNotTypesThrower,

    function methods

    apply, call, compose, curry, curry2, curry3, curry4, curry5, curryN,
    flip, flip3, flip4, flip5, flipN, id, negateF, negateF2, negateF3,
    negateFN, until, fnOrError, noop, trampoline, toFunction

    string methods

    camelCase, classCase, lcaseFirst, lines, split, ucaseFirst, unlines,
    unwords, words

    utils methods

    fPureTakes2, fPureTakes3, fPureTakes4, fPureTakes5, fPureTakesOne,


    About library's usage of currying.

    • All methods that take 2 or more arguments are curried.
    • Methods that take rest params "only" are not curried (except in some cases - see: compose and peek for examples of uncurried functions and append for a curried one).
    • Methods that require one argument and rest params are curried at up to 2 parameters.

    Note: iterate, repeat, replicate, cycle

    In javascript we do not have lazy lists (infinite lists) like in haskell so the aforementioned methods take an integer as their first parameter; E.g.,

    In haskell, we can do the following: take 3 $ iterate (a -> a * 2) [1..] ([1..] is syntax for infinite list) In javascript, we have no choice but to make our function call similar to:

    iterate(3, a => a * 2, range(1, 10))

    So, haskell definitions for our generator like methods:

    • iterate :: (a -> a) -> [a]
    • repeat :: a -> [a]
    • replicate :: Int -> a -> [a]
    • cycle :: [a] -> [a]

    And our haskell signature for our javascript version methods become:

    • repeat :: Int -> a -> [a]
    • replicate:: Int -> a -> [a]
    • cycle :: Int -> [a] -> [a]
    • iterate :: Int -> (a -> a) -> [a]

    Note for haskell developers:

    • split in javascript is for strings.


    Low level utilities

    Turning regular methods into functional ones; I.e., these take a name and return a function that take an-argument/arguments and a type value that has a method of name on it.
    The function returned takes arguments first and functor/member last.

    fPureTakesOne, fPureTakes2, fPureTakes3, fPureTakes4, fPureTakes5,
    fPureTakesOneOrMore, fPureTakesOne, fPureTakes2, fPureTakesOneOrMore


    • lastIndex gives you the last index of a list.

    Notable methods not added from the haskell prelude:

    • Math/Integral/Num/etc. methods

    Jsdocs here:


    • Sources are in './src'
      • './src/jsPlatform' are native platform specific method versions pulled out for use (functionally), in some places, where we didn't want to intermingle library methods with native ones.
    • Distributions are in './dist'
    • Docs are generated via jsdoc to './docs' dir.
    • Docs are written inline, in source using jsdoc format.
    • About non-conformity to full modularity (one-function-per-file): The library could have been written this way initially but was'nt, specifically to make development on the library easier/faster (though it can be argued that development is actually more difficult this way, the trade-off of being able to think of functions in groups/modules and along with their relationships is easier than having to think about functions as a big list of files numbering in the 10s to 100s.

    Package scripts:

    • build - Builds docs and distribution ('./dist').
    • test - Runs unit tests.

    Dev notes:

    • './.babelrc' is used only for tests. Babel configurations found in './gulpfileConfig.json' are the configurations used for building the project.

    Unit testing:

    We are using 'jest' for testing.

    Unit tests are grouped by exported module:

    • 'tests/test-list.js' - Tests 'list' module.
    • 'tests/test-object.js' - Tests 'object' module.
    • 'tests/test-function.js' - Tests 'function' module.
    • Et. al.

    Perf Tests:

    Some performance tests were hosted at though that site currently broken so performance-tests/benchmarks will be added to repo at a later date (@todo).


    BSD 3 Clause - Included in sources.


    Change log


    • Removed un-required dependencies and stale dependencies (tui-* jsdoc template modules etc.).
    • Removed node 1.15 from .travis.yml.


    • Added defineEnumProp, defineEnumProps, defineProp, defineProps methods (easier idomatic way to define "typed" properties (in plain vanilla js (mostly useful for libraries et. al.))).
    • dev-dependencies update.

    1.10.8 - 1.10.10

    • Readme file updates, dev-dependencies update.


    • Consolidated typescript type files into one types file.


    • Made 'jsPlatform' module public.
    • Added typescript types for all previously defined "public" modules."


    • Added './types' dir for typescript type files (added in earlier commits though formerly announcing here).
    • Added types file to package.json (at 'types' property).
    • Refactored type definitions, a bit, (from what they were before - they were committed in earlier commits though their format wasn't finalized yet).
    • Updated readme with note on typescript types file.
    • Fixed typo in 'filter' type in list.d.ts - It's return value was marked as void updated to any[].
    • Added warn function to console module and to library.
    • Regenerated docs, readme etc..


    • Added some synonyms:
      • isLoosely for isOfType
      • isStrictly for isType
      • isStrictlyOneOf for isOneOf
    • Cleaned up, tablelized, and optimized some tests ('./tests/test-object').
    • Optimized some implementations (src/object/is)

    New addition:

    • isLooselyOneOf - For type checking with mix-match type refs (constructor names and constructors):
    const someValue = 'someValue';
    isLooselyOneOf(someValue, 'Undefined', Function, 'Map'); 
    // `false` - Doesn't match any type.
    isLooselyOneOf(someValue, 'Undefined', String, 'Map'); 
    // `true` - Matches `String`
    isLooselyOneOf(someValue, 'Undefined', 'String', 'Map'); 
    // `true` - Matches 'String'
    • instanceOfOne - instanceOf for one or more types:
    const someValue = 'hello';
    instanceOfOne(someValue, Function, String, Array)
    // `true` matches - String


    • Added toFunction (for functional composition of values that must pass as functions).


    • Added trampoline method (for tail call elimination).



    • Marked hasOwnProperty as deprecated (as property is not really in the haskell prelude and is a bit of an oddity when it comes to the functional mindset).

    New additions

    • Re-instantiated flip3, flip4, flip5 - Turns out there was a use for these after-all (fjl.native).
    • Added native which includes all the static methods that live on Object though flipped and curried.
    • Added 'fjl-mutable' as part of source. All methods of 'fjl-mutable' now live directly on 'fjl' and are defined in 'fjl/objects/defineProp' (or more directly in src at './src/objects/defineProp').

    Development changes.

    • Updated 'dev-deps' to use latest babel.
    • Updated gulp version
    • Updated .travis* file.
    • Moved './gulpfile.js' to 'gulpfile.babel.js' in order to easily use es6 imports.


    • String support for takeWhile, group, and groupBy, dropWhileEnd.
    • Tablelized tests for takeWhile, dropWhileEnd, and dropWhileEnd.


    • A few more functions now support strings:
      • map, intersperse, append, reverse, and concat.
    • range function doc-block updated.
    • listUtil functions updated and their docs unblocked from jsdocs.
    • listUtil methods are now exported from 'src/list'.
    • Tests overhaul stage 1 progress.
      • Converted some tests to table format (where implementations were touched and where the functional programming style was too extreme).
      • Removed some library functions from tests where said functions were not being tested (use native functions for tests only (no-library functions intermingle (in tests))).
    • Cleaned up imports in some places to protect from cyclic dependency issues.

    1.5.1, 1.5.2

    • Added './types/index.d.ts' file.


    Breaking changes

    • reduceRightUntil changed to reduceUntilRight.
    • lengthsToSmallest changed to toShortest.
    Changes that affect development of the library:
    • package.json.scripts - Removed unnecessary commands (cleaned up scripts section).
    • Updated gulp to version 4.
    • Updated gulpfile to use new gulp 4 api.
    • Removed unnecessary dev dependencies:
      • random-js
      • lazypipe
      • requirejs
      • gulp-fncallback

    Other changes

    • Cleaned up to reflect latest changes.
    • Curried functions (functions curried via curry* functions) now retain their arity property value (length value).


    • Added noop (no-op (op as in operation)) method (useful as a placeholder for variables/properties that should always contain a function).
    • Added test for noop addition.
    • Updated './docs'.
    • Added entry in 'docs' config to take into account upcoming logo for 'fjl'.


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