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Functional Javascript Library (inspired by Haskell's Prelude).

Supported Platforms:

  • Ecmascript 6+.
  • NodeJs v12+

Getting Started:

import {partition, isEven} from 'fjl';

const numbers = Array(10).fill(0, 0, 10).map((_, i) => i),

  [even, odd] = partition(x => isEven(x), numbers);

console.log('Even numbers: ', even);
console.log('Odd numbers: ', odd);

In Browser:

Reference one of the index.*.min.js files, from './dist' folder, or modules individually.



About Currying:

  • All methods have curried counterparts which are named with a leading '$' sign; E.g., foldl's curried version is $foldl.
  • Methods that take only 'rest' parameters don't have curried counterparts concat, append etc..

Note on iterate, repeat, replicate, cycle

In javascript we do not have lazy lists, like in haskell, so iterate, repeat, replicate, and cycle take an integer as their first parameter in order to generate a list upto a given number of items; E.g.,

In haskell: take 3 $ iterate (a -> a * 2) [1..] ([1..] is syntax for infinite/lazy list) will take the first 3 items of an infinite list of even numbers.

In javascript, we have no choice but to make our function call contain the limit information:

iterate(3, a => a * 2, range(1, 3)).join('') === [2, 4, 6].join('')

Here are what the types look like for the list generation methods:

type Slice<T = any> = string | T[] /* | ... */;

type iterate<T> = (n: number, op: Unary<T>, x: T) => T[];
type repeat<T> = (n: number, x: T) => T[];
type replicate<T> = repeat<T>;
type cycle<T> = (n: number, xs: Slice<T>) => Slice<T>;

Notable methods not added from the haskell prelude:

  • Math/Integral/Num/etc. methods - These will arrive in a later release.


  • Sources are in './src'
    • './src/platform' are native platform specific method versions pulled out for use, in some places, where we didn't want to intermingle library methods with native ones.
  • Distributions are in './dist'
  • Docs are generated via typedoc to './docs' dir.
  • Docs are written inline, in source using jsdoc, and tsdoc syntax.
  • About non-conformity to full modularity (one-function-per-file) method layout - This approach is a work in progress and eventually all files will be standalone.

Package scripts:

  • build - Builds docs and distribution ('./dist').
  • test - Runs unit tests.

Unit testing:

We are using 'jest' for unit tests, but plan on migrating to 'deno'.

All tests can be, currently, found in './tests' dir.


BSD 3 Clause.


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