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Convert objects into directory structures and back again


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Convert JSON objects into directory structures on the file system, and back again. This package is primarily useful for writing tests.


npm install --save-dev fixturify


var fs = require('fs')
var fixturify = require('fixturify')
var obj = {
  'foo.txt': 'foo.txt contents',
  'subdir': {
    'bar.txt': 'bar.txt contents'
fixturify.writeSync('testdir', obj) // write it to disk 
fixturify.readSync('testdir') // => deep-equals obj 
fixturify.writeSync('testDir', {
  'subdir': { 'bar.txt': null }
}) // remove subdir/bar.txt 
fixturify.readSync('testdir') // => { foo.txt: 'foo.text contents' } 
fixturify.writeSync('testDir', {
  'subdir': null
}) // remove subdir/ 

File contents are decoded and encoded with UTF-8.

fixture.readSync follows symlinks. It throws an error if it encounters a broken symlink.


To keep the API simple, node-fixturify has the following limitations:

  • Reading or setting file stats (last-modified time, permissions, etc.) is not supported.

  • Creating symlinks is not supported.

  • Special files like FIFOs, sockets, or devices are not supported.

  • File contents are automatically encoded/decoded into strings. Binary files are not supported.