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CoffeeScript/JavaScript implementation of Philip J. Schneider's "Algorithm for Automatically Fitting Digitized Curves" from the book "Graphics Gems". Converted from Python implementation.

Fit one or more cubic Bezier curves to a polyline.

This is a CS/JS implementation of Philip J. Schneider's C code. The original C code is available on as well as in

This implementation uses mathjs


var fitCurve = require('fitCurve');
var points = [[0, 0], [10, 10], [10, 0], [20, 0]];
var error = 50;
var bezierCurves = fitCurve(points, error);
// bezierCurves[0] === [[0, 0], [20.27317402, 20.27317402], [-1.24665147, 0], [20, 0]] 

You can play around with that in the demo.