Front End Integrated Solution for PC

Front End Integrated Solution.

Unfinished until version 1.0.0

# install fis-pc
$ npm install -g fis-pc

# start local server
$ fis-pc server start

# install service
$ fis-pc server install pc2

$ mkdir project

$ cd project
# install a pc2-demo project
$ fis-pc install pc2-demo
# release your project to local server
$ fis-pc release --watch
# browse http://localhost:8080/photo
Usage: fis-pc <command>


  release     build and deploy your project
  install     install components and demos
  server      launch a php-cgi server


  -h, --help     output usage information
  -v, --version  output the version number
  --no-color     disable colored output

more information:

# create fis config file
$ vim path/to/project/fis-conf.js
fis.config.merge({    //merge user settings 
    //using namespace, it can be omitted. 
    namespace : 'photo',
    //configure directory and release specification. 
    deploy : {
        'rd-test' : { //a deploy example 
            //remote receiver 
            receiver : '',
            //post all the released files to the reciever 
            //and save them to "/home/zhangyunlong/public_html/" 
            to : '/home/zhangyunlong/public_html/'