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    Easily delete firestore collections (along with all of its documents, subcollections, and subcollections), or all data in an entire firestore database.

    OBLIGATORY WARNING: Use with caution, this makes deleting lots of data in a firestore database very easy.

    The firestore API lacks a way to easily delete collections and subcollections programatically. This package fills this gap, with the following features:

    • Supports the ability to delete a single collection, multiple collections, or all collections within a database.
    • For each subcollection deleted, all subcollections (and documents) are deleted as well.

    This package was developed with running integration tests against a firestore test project in mind and shines in providing a convenient way to clean up test data stored in a firebase test database.


    This package is intended to be used alongside firebase-admin. Install the necessary packages using either yarn or npm:

    npm install firestore-deleter
    npm install firebase-admin


    yarn add firestore-deleter
    yarn add firebase-admin


    // import firebaseDeleter and firebase-admin
    import firebaseDeleter from "firebase-deleter";
    import admin from "firebase-admin";
    // initialize firebase app
    // create some fake data to delete
    const collection = admin.firestore().collection("foo")
    const fakeRecordRef = collection.doc("cat");
    await fakeRecordRef.set({ name: "foo", last: "test" });
    // instantiate an instance of firebaseDeleter
    // providing it admin.firestore() as an argument
    const deleter = new firebaseDeleter(admin.firestore());
    // delete the collection that was just created
    // note that deleteCollections expects collectionReferences in array format
    await deleter.deleteCollections([collectionToBeDeletedCollection]);
    // the collection and all subcollections along with their documents have now been deleted.
    // alternatively, nuclear option
    // deletes all collections, subcollections, and documents in the firestore database
    await deleter.deleteAll()


    This repo includes tests that run against a firestore test database.

    In order to run tests, you will need to have a service keys for a firestore database stored in an environment variable.

    see for instructions on configuring a firestore environment.

    To run tests, run the following command:

    yarn test


    npm i firestore-deleter

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