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A simple proxy for MozRepl over HTTP-GET using express/node.js to control Firefox:

browser or client <--HTTP-GET--> fireprox <----> MozRepl + Firefox

I threw this together because I needed an easy way to programatically read the current url from a remote Firefox into my javascript web application but was unable to workaround browser security restrictions or get Firefox WebDriver to work reliably.

install and run

$ npm install -g fireprox     # might need to prefix with sudo
$ fireprox


$ fireprox --help
Usage: fireprox [options]


  -h, --help                 output usage information
  -V, --version              output the version number
  -p, --port [port]          fireprox listening port (default:8080)
  -m, --mozrepl-host [host]  mozrepl hostname or ip-address (default:localhost)
  -q, --mozrepl-port [port]  mozrepl port (default:4242)


Navigate to http://server:8080 where server is the node.js server running fireprox. You should see Fireprox says hello!.

Now navigate to http://server:8080/COMMAND where COMMAND is any MozRepl command.


To get the firefox current url browse to http://server:8080/content.location.href

To navigate firefox to http://bar browse to http://server:8080/content.location.href='http:%2f%2fbar' (notice the escaped //)

To show foo in an alert box browse to http://server:8080/alert('foo') (you'll need to manually close this alert before fireprox returns).

build and run locally

$ npm install -g livescript   # ensure livescript is installed globally
$ git clone
$ cd fireprox
$ ./task/bootstrap            # compile the task runner and install dependencies
$ node _build/task/repl       # launch the task runner
fireprox > b.c                # build compile

$ ./_build/site/bin/fireprox  # run it!


Inspired by codediesel.