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Firenet of things

This is the 'worker' package for "Firenet of Things" - my $4 Smarthome setup build on top of Google Firebase. This part connects firebase to devices. It runs locally in your home, on Raspberry Pi or other supporting device. More information in Github README


  • Siri integration ( via homebridge-firenet package )
  • Wireless control over $4 ESP8266 modules
  • AC/DC current control
  • RGB LED strip control, Sunrise simulation
  • IFTTT integration
    • Presence sensing
    • Google Calendar intogration
    • Notifications
  • Device shadows (keeping last device state), notification on device disconnection (ex. when power fails)
  • Google / Facebok / Github... etc login and auth
  • Triggers that can start a series of tasks
  • Websocket API
  • React / Firebase web app
  • Runs on a free Google Firebase plan

Quick install


  • MQTT broker
  • Devices connected to MQTT broker
  • Firebase account


  • npm install -g firenet


Configuration is kept in ~/.firenet-of-things/ Download service account keys for firebase and save them as ~/.firenet-of-things/firebase-credentials.json Edit ~/.firenet-of-things/config.js with your config:

    id: 'smart-pi',
    broker: 'mqtt://...',
    firebase: ''


Just run in console: firenet-of-things