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For use with Node/Firebase

If you don't have growl installed, then see node-growl I'm using a fork of that repo; setup should be equivalent

Why use this?

I got tired of switching between my firebase browser tab and my app tab to figure out which actions were triggering unexpected fb updates. By plugging this in, you get something like this:


Getting started

npm install --save-dev firegrowl

app.configure('development', function(){

Note that at the moment, you must disable .read rules in order for this to work. This goes without saying, but don't disable any security rules in production, as this is only intended for use in development


In theory, you can pass anything into the growl call that you can pass into the node-terminal-notifier npm module. They aren't all tested; let me know if anything is broken or coule be improved.


node demo.js Note: You need to enter a firebase demo into the url. Once connected, feel free to update/delete values from the firebase db to watch notifications appear on your machine.


The tests don't cover the actual growl-ing or the firebasing...just some object diff stuff. To run, just:

cd tests
jasmine-node .

If you don't have jasmine-node: npm install -g jasmin-node, though it should have been included when you installed this package. ####License WTFPL

Pull request welcome. Currently, I haven't setup any sort of authentication such that you could listen on an authenticated firebase channel, but if I get enough feedback, I'd be glad to look into it.

This should only be used in development.