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firebase-where (Experimental!)

Ever wanted to search users, posts, or anything in a firebase with a "where" filter? So did we! That's why we made firebase-where. The easiest way to index and find your Firebase data. Oh, and it's pretty darn efficient at it too (only loads data which matches query and some indexing data)!


// Create a normal ref
var ref = new Firebase(URL);
// Set up our where (which will write to /_index in your Firebase
var firebaseWhere = new FirebaseWhere(ref);

// Add some children
firebaseWhere.child('users/abe').setWithIndex({username: 'abe', color: 'red', town: 'sf'});
firebaseWhere.child('users/joe').setWithIndex({username: 'joe', color: 'pink', town: 'bl'});
firebaseWhere.child('users/jacki').setWithIndex({username: 'jacki', color: 'pink', town: 'bl'});

// Watch for users who are in BL and whose color is pink.
firebaseWhere.onWithQuery("child_added", {town: 'bl', color: 'pink'}, function (snapshot) {
  console.log(snapshot.val()); // Will trigger for Joe and Jacki

// Adding more children
firebaseWhere.child('users/nate').setWithIndex({username: 'nate', color: 'red', town: 'el'});    // Wont trigger event :(
firebaseWhere.child('users/becki').setWithIndex({username: 'becki', color: 'pink', town: 'bl'}); // Will trigger event :)


Although he did not directly work on firebase-where, all high-fives for this should go to Michael Wulf. Without his FirebaseIndex and his/Firebase's firebase-util libraries, this would have been an exponentially larger project.

Development of this library is sponsored by Rigidflame Consultants.