2d top-down adventure client-server multiplayer game engine


This Readme file is really only here for now to make npm happier. Docs are important; but we feel at such an early stage, they become an excuse to write non-straightforward code. So for now, check out the sample code at (bzr) lp:~fnord5/fire-engine/sample instead.

Install or link the engine with npm.

The script gets installed as “fire-engine” in your path (or if you install it to a local node\_modules, to ./node_modules/.bin). That's what you want to run: cd to the directory where your game code and data are, and run fire-engine from there. It will start a local server (the port is defined in config.js).

(If you don't install it and try to access directly from the engine source tree... sorry, you're on your own.)