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Subscribe to Redis keyspace notifications.


require('fink')([options]).then(finkAPI => { ... })

Note that you are working with a Promise.

You will need Redis >=2.8 installed.

To use keyspace notifications you must enable them in Redis (for example via redis-cli> config set notify-keyspace-events KEA). They are not enabled in Redis by default.

Consult the Redis documentation.


Options for fink track those for the redis module. You are setting options for the Redis client here.


npm test

If you have a password on your db, you will need to modify the test suite to accomodate that. Same if Redis is not @ localhost:6379.


fink returns a Promise.

let fink = require('fink')(<redis options>)
fink.then(finkApi => { 
    finkApi.subscribe((keyspace | keyevent), [key || eventName]);
    finkApi.unsubscribe((keyspace | keyevent), [key || eventName]);  
    finkApi.on('message', (msg) => {
        // Given : finkApi.subscribe('keyspace', 'foo')
        // On : someRedisClient.set('foo', 1)
        // #msg looks like:
        {   type: 'keyspace',
            db: '0',
            pattern: '__keyspace@0__:foo',
            channel: '__keyspace@0__:foo',
            key: 'foo',
            event: 'set' 

If second argument is not sent to subscribe subscription will be to all keyspace or keyevent events.