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Subscribe to Redis keyspace notifications.

To use keyspace notifications you must enable them. They are not enabled in Redis by default.

You will need to set --notify-keyspace-events so that the kind of notifications you want to track will be emitted.

Consult the Redis documentation.


You will need Redis >=2.8 installed. If you have a password on your db, you will need to modify the test suite to accomodate that. Same if Redis is not @ localhost:6379.

npm test


Fink returns a Promise.

let fink = require('fink');
fink(<options>).then((<finkApi>) => { 
    <finkApi>.subscribe(<keyspace | keyevent>, [key || eventName]);
    <finkApi>.unsubscribe(<keyspace | keyevent>, [key || eventName]);  
    <finkApi>.on('message', (msg) => {
        // Given : <finkApi>.subscribe('keyspace', 'foo')
        // On : someRedisClient.set('foo', 1)
        // #msg looks like:
        {   type: 'keyspace',
            db: '0',
            pattern: '__keyspace@0__:foo',
            channel: '__keyspace@0__:foo',
            key: 'foo',
            event: 'set' 

If second argument is not sent to subscribe subscription will be to all keyspace or keyevent events.


Options track those for the redis module