Simple pattern used for parallel async.


Finisher is a simple control flow tool that allows you to invoke a function after running multiple async operations in parallel.

npm install finisher
var finisher = require('finisher');
// Create a wrap function. 
// Wrap all your async callbacks with this function 
var wrap = finisher(done);
// Do async stuff 
    // Do stuff 
    // Do something 
    // Do something else 
// This will get called after all the callbacks have finished 
function done(){
    // Called after all async operations have completed. 

Finisher returns a wrap function with that will increment an internal counter when called, and decrement it when the wrapper's callback is invoked. The wrapper returns a special function to call it's callback.

Once the internal counter reaches zero again (it starts at zero), then the finisher's callback will be invoked.

Check out the source code to get a better understanding; it's only 14 lines of code (as of writing this).