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Find testers by country and device command line tool

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Requires nodejs and git.

git clone
cd find-testers-cli
npm install


node index.js
// answer prompts and see matching testers

Command line options

The application can read parameters from the command line

node index.js --country us
// will prompt for devices

node index.js --country us,jp --device "iPhone 4, htc one"
// will display testers in two countries

3rd party modules

  • optimist for reading options from command line
  • prompt for asking the user to answer any remaining questions
  • easy-table to display the results
  • find-testers implements the main logic
  • check-types for consistent type assertions
  • gt for unit and end to end testing

Small print

Author: Gleb Bahmutov License: MIT Copyright © 2013 Gleb Bahmutov