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Walks an Esprima AST syntax tree and returns a collection representing all of the global variables.

Caveats: find-globals does not identify globals created implicitly, i.e. it only detects those symbols created with var or function in the outermost scope. Support for this is significantly more involved, but likely to be added at a later date.


Get it:

$ npm install --save find-globals

Require it:

var findGlobals = require('find-globals');


var globals = findGlobals(ast)

Find and return all globals defined in ast, an Esprima-compatible AST, typically created with esprima.parse().

Returns an object mapping names of global variables to some metadata about each. Each metadata entry itself has keys:

  • name: variable name, same as the key in the outer object
  • count: number of times this symbol was declared
  • type: var or function
  • isFunction: true if the last declaration of this symbol was either function declaration of the form function foo() { ... } or a simple variable assignment of a function expression e.g. var foo = function() { ... }.
  • ast: the AST node denoting the creation of this symbol.

If a symbol is declared more than once, the values for keys type, isFunction and ast will reflect the last observed declaration.

Copyright & License

© 2015 Jason Frame [ @jaz303 / ]

Released under the ISC license.