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npm version js-semistandard-style

Searches the repository's branches for the supplied commit.


$ npm install --save find-commit


There are 4 operations possible with find-commit: save, delete, list, and search.

Save commit as an alias

Saving, using the -s or --save flag, saves the SHA value into an alias to use later on.

$ find-commit -s <alias> <commit-sha>

Delete a saved alias

If you're no longer interested in a particular commit, delete it from your list of saved aliases with the -d flag.

$ find-commit -d <alias>

List saved aliases

Use the -l or --list flag to list all of the aliases you've saved and their values.

$ find-commit -l

Search for commit in branches

The default behavior of find-commit is to search your repository's branches for the supplied commit (either an alias or a raw SHA value). Additionally, you can supply a branch query that will force the operation to only return branches that contain the query and your commit.

$ find-commit <alias> [branch-query]

$ find-commit <commit-sha> [branch-query]



MIT © Joe Martella