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Openfin's HTML canvas++ wrapper.

v1.4.1 - Polyfill for CustomEvent for IE11.

v1.4.0 - The event.details.identifier object passed to finKeyDown and finKeyUp events now reflects KeyboardEvent.key rather than the now-deprecated (as of Chromium M53) KeyboardEvent.keyIdentifier. The possible values in these two properties are similar but not identical. See the deprecated keyIdentifier list vs. the supported key list. (Note that neither fin-canvas itself nor fin-hypergrid seem to have any references to details.identifier.)

v1.3.0 - Removed gesture support; corrected clearRect dimensions on zoom.

v1.2.1 - Changed renderer "component" public interface method _paint() to paint() (breaking change).

v1.1.1 - Increased double-click polling delay from 250 to 325 msecs and made it an option (doubleClickDelay). Event fin-canvas-click will no longer fire on the first click of a double click; it will only fire once the polling delay has elapsed and there was no second click.

v1.1.0 - For the fin-canvas-keydown and fin-canvas-keyup events' parameter event.detail.char, added a new value 'BACKSPACE' to refer to the backspace key. ('DELETE' now refers to the actual delete key.) Also added new values 'F1'..'F12' for the function keys.



Stand-alone versions

If you prefer to include directly, reference one or the other of the following browserified versions in a <script> tag:

<script src=''></script>
<script src=''></script>